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Love Tarot Spread

13 Min Reading - $85 

Mix of Tarot & Oracle Cards!

  • Current Status of the Connection
  • ​Energy Update of Twinflame Journey
  • ​Feelings, Emotions & Thoughts of Your Twin
  • ​Challenges/ Roadblocks To Your Twin Returning
  • ​Spirit-guided Messages
  • ​Includes: Oracle cards + Unspoken/Unrevealed Love Messages of Your Twin!

Manifestation of
 Next/New Lover Tarot Spread 

11 Min Reading  - $75

Tarot Cards Only

  • Partner’s Personality & Character Traits
  • Career/ Talents/Skills 
  • ​What Will Attract Them To You?
  • ​What Are Their Feelings, Emotions, Intentions Toward You?
  • Advice From Spirit 
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What's Going On?

Love Tarot Spread 

11 Min Reading - $75

Tarot Cards Only

  • Past, Present and Future Energy
  • ​What Happened In Recent Past?
  • ​What Is Currently Going On?
  • ​What Are The Challenges and/or Roadblocks?  
  • ​What’s Going On Behind The Scenes?
  • ​ What’s Their Energy Coming Toward You? 
  • ​Likely Outcome

Clarifying cards are used to provide additional messages.

How Does My Partner Feel? 
Love Tarot Spread 

11 Min Reading - $75

Tarot Cards Only

  • What’s On Partner’s Mind?
  • How Partner Views You?
  • How They Feel In Their Emotions About You?
  • ​How They See Moving Forward?
  • ​What's Going On Behind The Scenes?
  • ​Likely Outcome
  • ​Advice From Spirit

Clarifying cards are used to provide additional messages.

Additional Items

Includes More 
Clarifying Cards

Extend Any 
Love Reading

+8 Additional Mins - $45

Additional Questions?

Add Questions To Any Love Tarot Spread!

$7 Per Question!

Oracle Cards

Add Oracle Cards To Any Love Tarot Spread!

Only $10
    A mix of 5 Oracle Cards will be pulled & incorporated into your reading.  Get additional guidance from spirit & healing messages from your situation:

Better Understand Your Love Partner

Love Relationship Tarot Cheatsheet

Only $5.55
    5 simple at-home love tarot spreads to better understand your love partner and the Top 20 tarot cards & meaning for love reading to better interpret your tarot spread.
*based on the traditional Rider-Waite Tarot Deck*

Emergency/Urgent Request?

Pick any reading and have your reading rushed and delivered to you within 24-48 hours for an additional $55.

Refund Policy

Please understand, there are No Refunds. 

 If you are not certain that my services are right for you, please visit my YouTube channel which will give you an idea of my style, technique and philosophy.


Tarot readings are for entertainment purposes only and should be used as a guidance tool to get more spiritual insight in the situation. It should Not be used in place of professional, medical, business or legal advice. The Serendipity Tarot LLC., is not responsible for your actions and behaviors.

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